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The Scholarship was made possible as a result of a donation made on behalf of the Manitoba Farm Women's Conference held annually in November.

The Scholarship is being administered by the Red River Exhibition Foundation Inc., and may be used for assistance with tuition fees, tools or learning aides in conjunction with post secondary education by a rural Manitobian student who will be studying agriculture or any field that supports rural life.

The value of the Scholarship is $500.00.

For information contact the Red River Exhibition Foundation:

**To learn more or to apply for the scholarship, click here to go to the scholarship application page...



2020 Scholarship Winner: Johnathan Holtmann

Johnathan Holtmann was born and raised on his family’s dairy farm, Rosser Holsteins Ltd, in Rosser MB.

He has assisted the calf feeding team, worked in the milking parlour, operated the baler, swath merger,

grain cart and silage pile packer tractor, as well as assisted with a variety of tasks to maintain and repair

machinery, buildings and yards. Growing up on his family farm has taught him a variety of skills and

given him useful knowledge. Which have aided his development for a strong work ethic, problem

solving skills, and the ability to work with others and independently as well. Johnathan says these skills

have been instrumental in helping him be a confident leader, basketball coach, volunteer, and committee member, all of which help enrich his community. Johnathan's career goal is to be an elementary school teacher. He wants to impact the lives of the students and be someone they can connect with and look up to. His ultimate goal is to teach in a small rural community as he values a strong sense of community.

J Holtmann_edited.jpg

2019 Scholarship Winner: Cayla Pow

According to Cayla Pow, beef farming is her life. She loves it and lives for it. Her family has owned

a farm for her entire life. Cayla recognizes that beef cows are often both frustration and

exhausting, but in a way, refreshing! She says that you always have to be on your toes, or you

never know when you could get trampled! As a youngster, when Cayla's friends would ask her to

get together, she would often tell them she was busy, even if she wasn't, just so she could

continue to work on the farm. She loved it that much. She is looking forward to pursuing her love

of farming even further as she attends the Animal Science program at Lakeland College. She is a volunteer at the curling rink where she works in the canteen and helps out at community events, often serving and cleaning up in the kitchen. Carol Dalgarno MFWC committee presenting Cayla her scholarship.  

MFWC Schol Cayla Pow.jpeg

2018 Scholarship Winner: Kate Le Texier from Fisher Branch

I grew up on a grain and forage seed farm near Fisher Branch, Manitoba. I am currently in my

second year of studying Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba. This

summer I'm working at an agricultural research center doing plot research on various crops

such as wheat, soybeans, quinoa and peas. After finishing my exams this spring, I was able to

purchase 8 chickens and refurbish the old coop on our farm, where they are happily laying.

I’m grateful for my rural upbringing and the knowledge and life skills it has given me.

I hope to be able to return to a rural community to work once I have completed my schooling.

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