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2023 Speakers
 Wednesday Morning Sessions 

Combine Clinic:

Greenvalley John Deere

In this clinic, we will be in the training room, and up close with one of our combines in the showroom. Here we will remove covers/ shields so everyone can look inside the combine, and get a better understanding of the information we will cover. Greenvalley Equipment



Vanderveen Greenhouse

Vanderveen’s Greenhouses has been in operation for 45 years and is a family owned business.  It was started by Jack & Louwina Vanderveen and is currently owned by one of their sons and a few grandsons.  The major crops grown at Vanderveen’s are for the outdoor spring bedding plant season.  At that time all the greenhouses are filled with assorted planters, hanging baskets, and individual flowers and vegetables.  Beyond that, poinsettias are grown for the Christmas season, assorted mums for fall and Thanksgiving, and Easter lilies and hydrangeas are produced for Easter.  The goal is to grow quality plants to bring beauty to homes and yards as well as home grown food for the dinner table. Vanderveens Greenhouse

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KAP Farm Safety Workshop:

Morag Marjerison - Building a culture of farm safety

Morag grew up in England and emigrated to Manitoba in 2004. She is a qualified workplace safety and health professional and has specialized in agricultural safety for over 25 years.  Morag has also owned her own farms for much of her adult life, so understands the challenges of matching the practical day to day running of agricultural operations with implementing expected health and safety standards.  She currently works for Keystone Agricultural Producers as the Farm Safety Consultant for FarmSafe Manitoba


Topics we will cover are; Why do we all need to be Farm Safety Aware?

What kind of incidents are happening on Manitoba Farms?

Easy Ways to Get Started On Your Farm Safety Plan; 

Talking About Safety On Your Farm; Quick Wins and Helpful Resources.


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Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program : Roberta Galbraith & Briana Hagen

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The Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program is here to help you. We understand the many challenges that come with farming. It can be difficult to know where to turn for help when stress on the farm begins
to feel overwhelming. You are not alone!  We
created this program specifically for farmers and your families – to offer a safe and flexible way for you to get the help you're looking for.  Our no-cost, short-term counselling program is delivered by professionals with backgrounds in agriculture and your information is completely confidential. Giving you the peace of mind to remain anonymous when looking for help. We will cover the cost of six sessions per individual. We want you to focus on getting the support you need without the worry of paying for the service. There's a STORY behind the stigma and statistics. We all have mental health. Many of us will either have a mental illness or know someone who is living with some form of mental illness.

Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program

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Briana Hagen_Headshot.jpg

Dr. Briana Hagen is the Chief Executive Officer and Lead Scientist for the Canadian Centre for Agricultural Wellbeing. After completing her Master’s of Science in Community Health and Epidemiology, Dr. Hagen completed a PhD in the department of Population Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph. Using both survey and qualitative data, she examined how farmers and their farms are impacted by mental health outcomes, with a focus on perceived stress and the barriers and facilitators of help-seeking for farmers. Dr. Hagen is passionate about collaborative research approaches and building strong partnerships with the agriculture community to co-design research projects and mental health programming. After completing her PhD in July 2020, she completed a two-year Mitacs Elevate Post-Doctoral Fellowship to continue her investigations around farmer mental health in Canada and expand access to ‘In the Know’: mental health literacy training for Canadian agriculture, which she co-developed. Dr. Hagen has won several awards for this work, including the 2020 Brigid Rivoire Award for Champions of Agricultural Mental Health, the 2021 Research Achievement Award from the International Society of Agricultural Safety and Health, and the 2022 University of Guelph Innovation of the Year award for the development of ’In the Know’.  Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program

Roberta Galbraith is a fifth generation farmer, lifelong learner, connector of people, problem solver and self-proclaimed work-a-holic! As a partner of RNR Galbraith Farms, she enthusiastically brings her passion for people and farm management to this role.  Her work experience includes 16 years in the Agriculture finance sector, 16 years as an Executive Director of a not-for-profit organization and 9 years with a commodity organization, all while raising 5 children and building a 1st generation family farm. RNR Galbraith farms grows a variety of crops consisting of wheat, canola, fall rye, barley and peas.  She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba Agriculture Diploma program and a recipient of the Certificate of Merit for Leadership in the Industry.  She is a founding board member of the Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program and passionate advocate for farmer mental health and wellness. She believes strongly that we can always do better and that if we embrace opportunity there is little we can not accomplish.  Manitoba Farmer Wellness Program

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Cherilyn Nagel - Promote Rather Than Defend

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel along with her husband David and family, are farming in Mossbank, Saskatchewan. As the Host of Farm Show TV, Cherilyn enjoys speaking on agriculture related topics to a wide array of audiences and spends her winters on the speaking circuit. Cherilyn was recently recognized as one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in Canadian Agriculture.

In 2004, Cherilyn was elected as President of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association and after 20 years on the board she considers signing the first durum contract on the open market in December of 2011, to be one of her career highlights in farm policy. Cherilyn has traveled extensively around the world and has had the opportunity to represent a farmers perspective on International Trade while participating in the World Trade Organizations Ministerial Meetings in Hong Kong. Since 2017 Cherilyn has represented Canada as an International Director on the board for the Global Farmer Network which seeks to amplify farmers' voices on issues related to trade and technology.

In 2021, in cooperation with, Cherilyn launched an online training program titled “So… Your Client is a Farmer?” with the goal to help people build better relationships with farmers and increase the overall level of knowledge about agriculture and food.

Cherilyn Jolly-Nagel

 Wednesday afternoon Sessions 
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Jessica BDO.jpg

BDO: Carol Kruck & Jessica Stewart - Farm Transitioning for the whole family

Carol is a Senior Accountant with BDO Canada who specializes in Agriculture. Carol serves the clients of the local office in her hometown of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. She joined BDO in 2014 following a career with Viterra Inc. (formerly Can-Oat Milling Inc.), where she spent the last five years of her time there as Controller of the Food Processing Finance Team within North America.

Having lived in rural Portage la Prairie all her life, Carol is the proud daughter of a lifelong farmer. Her current role of Manitoba Agriculture Industry Group Leader brings her full circle in working with other BDO Agriculture Leaders across Canada to provide the best tools and resources to BDO’s Agriculture clients.

Carol is involved in community initiatives such as FCC’s Drive Away Hunger campaign where she is acting lead of the BDO fundraising team across Canada.


Jessica is an accountant at BDO Canada where her time is dedicated to serving local farm clients. Jessica grew up in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba and has been with the BDO Portage office for the entirety of her career. Coming from a family grain farm, Jessica is passionate about the agriculture industry and helping farmers to better understand their financial information.

Farm Transition for the Whole Family. “Your farm has a lot of value and communication within the family is the key to successful transition planning. We’ll discuss the value of a transition plan and how you fit into that plan. Answer questions such as who are the key players, what is the goal of a transition plan, and what resources are needed.”

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Lewellyn Melnyk - Rooted

Lewellyn Melnyk is a local author who farms northeast of Angusville alongside her husband and 2 kids. She grew up 6 miles north of Russell on a grain farm. She studied at the University of Regina, Assiniboine Community College in Brandon, and York St. John’s College in England, and obtained her diploma in Media Production. She worked as a news reporter and anchor at CKX television in Brandon before focusing on farming. Inspired by her personal challenges with mental health and a desire to help others, Lewellyn recently wrote a book called Rooted – How I Stay Small Town Strong When Life Get Hard and How You Can Too. In 2021, Lewellyn facilitated a mental health program called “Talk. Ask. Listen.” in collaboration with the Do More Agriculture Foundation, a national organization that teaches farmers how to recognize the symptoms of mental illness and get support. Lewellyn speaks to small town crowds about her experiences in hopes of spreading awareness about mental health. Melnyk has a passion for country music, writing, and running.


How to Stay Small Town Strong when you are a FarmHerLearn how to thrive on the farm, improve your mental health, and embrace your role on or off the farm. Manitoba farmer, and author of Rooted, Lewellyn Melnyk will share her experiences while growing up and living on a grain farm and how she overcame depression and anxiety. 

Rooted | Lewellyn Melnyk

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Louise Sanders - Stress Conquering Skills

Louise Sanders is a Stress Management Trainer and Coach and the founder of “The Stress Experts”. She helps her clients become their own ‘stress expert’ by empowering them with scientific knowledge and practical skills to handle life’s challenges, big and small.  In this way, her clients enjoy relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, phobias and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


As you know, farming has its fair share of challenges. But that doesn't mean you have to be stressed! 

Learning the skills to conquer stress begins with understanding the basics of stress and what it really is, how it’s really affecting you, and what you can really do about it...even if you don’t have time! When you understand the basics of stress and have some simple, powerful tools (that you’ll learn in this workshop) to conquer stress anywhere, at anytime, you can experience the benefits of increased resilience including less overwhelm and anxiety, more energy, better sleep, and increased efficiency. 

The Stress Experts

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RBC Key Note: Kim Ulmer - No Place Like Home

Kim Ulmer is the RBC Regional President for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and Western Ontario. Responsible for achieving a best-in-class experience for business and personal banking clients, Kim is inspired by a talented workforce of over 2300 employees from the rolling hills of Saskatchewan to the vibrant city of Sudbury to the extraordinary tundra of Canada’s north. At the heart of this region are the radiant fields and forever skies of Manitoba where Kim makes her home alongside her husband and son. Kim grew up in the farming fields of Melville, Saskatchewan learning about the importance of family, friendship, and farming. Kim’s journey took her from the yellow fields of wheat down a yellow brick road. Join Kim as she shares her five lessons learned along the way. As Kim reflects on life in rural Canada and the choices she made along the way, learn why there really is no place like home.

RBC Regional President Kim Ulmer brings us along on her journey sharing what she has learned in the years that have followed her growing up among the rolling winds and golden fields of rural Saskatchewan. Just a hint: it may have something to do with a tornado, flying monkeys, and a very special call to action for us all.

 Thursday Sessions 
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Access Credit Union: Tamara Friesen - Building a Healthy Credit History

In this workshop, we’ll share why your credit history is important, the simple steps you can take to build a good credit score, and what to do if you need to get yourself out of financial trouble.

Tamara Friesen has been in the financial services industry for over 12 years. Throughout that time she has had several roles including Member Service Representative, Commercial/Agricultural Administrative Assistant, and Business Lending Administrator, prior to her current role as Credit Analyst in the Business Lending Department at Access Credit Union. She has taken many courses through the Canadian Credit Union Association, including Agricultural Lending, earning her the designation of Accredited Business Lender.

In September 2017, Access Credit Union launched its financial literacy program, partnering with Each One Teach One through the Canadian Credit Union Association. The program trains employees of financial institutions to deliver basic financial skills workshops in community settings. Since the launch of the program, Tamara has taught many workshops as she has always been passionate about budgeting and helping people make their money work for them, not against them.

Tamara grew up on a small family grain farm in Swan River, Manitoba. She currently resides in Winkler, Manitoba with her husband and two children. She enjoys camping in the summer and hunting in the fall, as well as spending time with her family.

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Rebecca Thompson - Simplify Your Life and Get Organized

For the past 6 years Rebecca has been intentionally simplifying and decluttering her life. Stuck in the chaos of being a stay at home mum surrounded daily by clutter– toys, paper, random plastic objects, she was feeling stressed and like a failure for not being able to keep up with it all. The Summer of 2017, Rebecca watched The Minimalists documentary and the light bulb went off. Since then she has immersed herself in the world of minimalists on YouTube, gaining knowledge and inspiration, and has slowly decluttered her home and life. In this session Rebecca hopes to inspire you, give you practical places to start on a more simplified life, tips and tricks, and allow time for discussion and questions, while giving it all a farm wife spin! We will do all this with grace and priorities, focusing on what is truly important and making time and space for it by living more simply. 


 Rebecca is a Christian, mum, farm wife, teacher, and aspiring minimalist. She grew up on her Grandparents and Dad’s dairy farm in the UK until the age of 12. In 1999, Rebecca’s family of 4 moved to Canada to continue their farm family legacy. In 2011 Rebecca and her husband, William started farming alongside her Mum and Dad on a 3500 acre arable farm at Decker, MB. Rebecca has always been a support member on the farm providing meals at busy times but in the last few years has also driven the grain cart. Rebecca wears many hats as she is also a mum to 3 wonderful children Corbett (10), Amelia (8) and Theodore (2), as well as being a teacher who has recently returned to the classroom after being a stay at home mum for many years. Rebecca is also in charge of  Kids Min at their church as well as a Scouter for our local Beaver Colony. In her spare time (ha ha ha what is that) Rebecca is an avid painter/crafter/DIYer and also has a huge passion for travel.

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